Vikram Reddy

QA Analyst

Experienced in Automation Testing, Mobile Application Testing, API Testing, and Manual Testing. 


  • Write test plans and test cases in compliance with relevant organizational and industry standards.
  • Create clearly documented defect reports that enable a developer to recreate the bug.
  • Articulate process improvement suggestions.
  • Maintain and update test documentation, user guides, release notes, and help notes to ensure accuracy of applications and related documentation.
  • Construct complete/thorough manual test cases based on test design and thorough knowledge of the product and its environment.
  • Consistently ensure high quality, thorough manual test cases that fully exercise product functionality, but consume minimal resources.
  • Effectively use test automation where appropriate and available to increase the thoroughness of testing.
  • Execute end-to-end functional tests and utilize automated tests to exercise system.
  • Collaborate to achieve end-to-end product and process quality.
  • Understand the business needs our product is trying to meet and applies this understanding to guide testing.
  • Apply a comprehensive understanding of the product functions and the marketplace in which it is sold effectively test assigned products.
  • Use knowledge of SQL and data models to validate data at rest.
  • Create work plans for own deliverables.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
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