Tsion Fisseha

UX/UI Designer

Experienced UX/UI design in managing creative assets for digital business campaigns and business growth designs. I help business to grow faster by creating user flow, user-centered and more user-friendly products.


  • Design user workflows for enterprise products(Web/Mobile/Tablet).
  • Work with a cross-functional, cross-regional team of designers, product managers, developers and other stakeholders. 
  • Balance user needs with technical constraints to help realize the team’s ideas, translating these ideas into extraordinary visuals. 
  • Join projects at varying stages of production, ranging from prototyping to providing scalable production resources, to polishing and optimizing UI assets for shipping, working closely with engineering to ensure a high-quality product. 
  • Do regular UX/UI walkthroughs and competitive analysis. 
  • Keep improving the user experience.
Team member head shot